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Select all then copy & paste into SLACK to Sharon

  • # of Full Bathrooms: 
  • # of Half Bathrooms: 
  • # of Bedrooms: 
  • # of Beds each size + Photos of each Bed with Size and where it is located. Write it on the picture if that is easier for you.
  • Are any bunk beds?:
  • Air filter size: 
  • # of Standard Size Windows: 
  • # of Oversized Windows: 
  • # of Sliding Glass Doors: 
  • # of TV’s and remotes: 
  • # of Fan/Light Remotes: 
  • Photographs of any specialty light bulbs: 
  • Photos of Owner comforters, pillows, rugs that we might take out for laundry service in the future
  • Pull extra linens and return to the warehouse.
  • Is there an outdoor BBQ Grill?  If so what kind?  Gas, electric, charcoal, propane.
  • Are there extra propane tanks?
  • Send in SLACK to SHARON.  Include PHOTOS and DETAILS

example, category, and, terms

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